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26 Jul 2013 Whilst the strategies which are our very lifeblood virtually dried out these last couple of months have now been tough for your Tank. Obviously, it's mainly all the way down to the worldwide slow-down - 'throw money in a? Within this economy?! Push it, Professor'! But we also contain the press partly responsible. Let-off the lead for 'significant period' the press have experienced only dismal coverage of issues and political scandals for nigh on 10 months, as well as wall-to-wall pictures of pale men in suits proffering red briefcases and half-truths to some disbelieving population - the way the web site makes anything from such unsensationalist coverage is beyond us. So what a relief it's that summer is here and we are able to gauge just how Hot! Warm! Warm! It's in the quantity of scantily-clad teen-agers spread over the nation's red-tops. And as the mercury rises the first genuine news in months has started flooding into the Tank's in-box, which also increases as the recycling bin by the printer. Yes, one missive couldn't neglect to catch our attention using the attractive, teasing title: 'World First for British Coffin Manufacturer.' Now like individuals, the Tank includes a passing fascination with the newest coffin technology and funeral details, even though within our case it's mainly influenced by our terrible diet and disregard for street signs. However now we are able to shuffle off this mortal coil safe in the data there's an eco-friendly straw sarcophagus to support us through death's tight embrace. The product produced by, a curiously capital-letter-averse company from Derbyshire, is derived from straw bonded together using a glue and is outwardly more powerful than both MDF and chipboard. For all those attempting to put in a littleto procedures, mahogany and pine veneers from FSC licensed resources can be found. The primary feature is that 'in the place of needing to accept wicker, wool, hyacinth leaf and cardboard' clients might have a traditionally-styled coffin with eco-credentials. Managing manager Dale Bywater said by-Board ought to be embraced from the funeral industry as 'the merchandise of selection for forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious coffin manufacturers.' 'We are earnestly seeking national and international relationships with coffin manufacturers, funeral directors and coffin marketers to simply help provide these great services and products to the interest of the common public,' he intoned, presumably while attempting to stop himself from humming the opening bars from. So we now have got the coffin and the to opt for it. And perhaps not a minute too early - given the price hamburger bones are starting in London, the special day may be closer than we understand. 17 Jul 2013 When the Tank recalls its Bible Studies course properly, God flooded our Planet in reaction to man's irredeemable debauchery, but things got just a little out of control after He realized He'd perhaps not got round to creating plumbers however. Joyfully, this man named Noah had a tip-off this deluge was coming - remarkable within an age prior to the Met Office smart-phone app - and built an ark to truly save not his significant extended family to only, but in addition two of each animal. The Tank could joyfully have given the wrong departure time for you to spiders, wasps, and mosquitos, but that's probably why we've never been chosen to save the planet. Perhaps not, anyway. Therefore, the animals went in two by two and the remainder, as the saying goes, is allegory. A lot more rooted in fact may be the, that is following in its illustrious forebear's aftermath by creating a '5 Star resort for tigers' operated by still another Tank favorite, natural power. At 20 miles, the £1.8m development, part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, is placed to become the biggest elephant atmosphere in northern Europe - at least until - and uses solar PV, biomass heating, and rainwater harvesting to provide just about all the power necessary to run the elephant house and fields. More over, all of the food for the elephants is likely to be grown on a nearby village, although there's no word yet regarding whether that reaches their everyday West Country scrumpy ration. Noah's Ark needs to host a handful of elephants to start out off with, but as time passes hopes to accommodate a herd as high as six cattle, a bull and two children. Based on, the pulchritudinous pachyderms will love 'especially erected dead tree scratching posts, hidden puzzles (buried tubes where in fact the most searching trunks may discover hidden food), and even an elephant-sized pool.' And you believed your cannonballs were remarkable. 'Over the decades the standard of elephant enclosures at zoos is so bad, that the government this past year said until conditions were improved zoos could only be barred from maintaining elephants,' Noah's Ark manager, the aptly-named Anthony Bush, told the. 'We are eager to enhance the trustworthiness of zoos, using this method precisely.' Obviously, if they were actually doing this properly, they'd perch the tigers and flood the entire position on the host for 40 days and nights, but maybe that's using the Bible more literally than it was intended. 24 Might 2013 For all those people of a particular age, the expression 'Turtle Power' brings back recollections of, sticking it to the bad Foot Clan before returning to the sewage to chow down on pizza by having an outsize rat. We'll leave you to guess which element of that's strangely similar to the Tank's Friday night. However it works out not totally all turtles are ninjas - as well as adolescent - and many battle to grasp the fundamental karate skills needed to protect themselves in the open. Therefore perhaps it's not surprising the brilliant lights of houses overlooking the Florida beaches is postponing the loggerhead, leatherback and green turtles from moving up the sand to nest. Much more worryingly, baby sea turtles are so perplexed by the lights they're heading inland as opposed to out towards the sea and being picked off by predators or dying of dehydration. A polite enquiry regarding if the young turtles were just planning for Disney World was rather brusquely dismissed. But never fear dog fans - aid are at hand. Canadian company Dasal Architectural Lighting has created two new outside LIGHT emitting diode downlights which are not only energy-efficient, but have now been also licensed as ‘turtle safe' from the good people in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Wildlife Friendly Lighting Program - much to the pleasure of conservationists. '90 percent of sea turtle nesting does occur on continental US shores and many of these species are either threatened or endangered,' said Karen Shudes, whose real job title is ‘sea turtle lighting specialist' in the Sea Turtle Conservancy. 'We enjoy those producers who work collaboratively to provide home owners more choices and create the best light to be used near crucial turtle nesting sites.' Nevertheless, it appears there's still a battle to be gained here. Based on Dasal, 'Many home owners pick amber LIGHT emitting diode replacement bulbs for painful and sensitive nesting shores, but unfortuitously place them in light fixtures perhaps not created for turtles or LEDs.' Today the Tank is not any specialist electrician - we've to imagine we comprehend the old '' joke. But we're fairly certain a light fixture ideal for turtles has yet to be produced. 17 Might 2013 Demonstrably, among the coolest facets of TV's may be the way the razor-sharp suitable adverting executives may saunter into their workplaces and pour a cocktail from their very own well-stocked drinks cabinet. Therefore the fascination once The Tank tried to move up highballs at our table HR started up came as quite as a surprise. 'But it's for group morale'! we cried, before telling the burly security team escorting us from the areas that they certainly were our 'beshst mate' and that, while we do not say it significantly, we 'actually love you man.' Well, which was until they snatched the vermouth we'd stashed by the tea caddy. Luckily, the people at outdoor advertising business Clear Channel International are at little more advanced at mixing work and drinking: because it was mounted at a town 6 months ago they've built. The $32,600 billboard at Bujama was created with other media companies and teachers. It uses a cell that extracts and barriers water vapour from the air utilizing a condenser, keeping the water in tanks before it's filtered and flows down a pipe to some tap at the bottom of the structure. It offers the average of 96 litres of drinking water every day to Bujama citizens, many of whom don't have access to a clear water supply, and also helps tackle the problem of plastic waste from bottled water. 'This strategy displays the true potential of outside advertising,' said Aris de Juan, regional president of Clear Channel Latin America, who earlier that day had gone to work on an egg, bought a Mars bar to help him work, rest and play, and taught a gorilla to play the drums. 'Through exemplary imagination and utilization of engineering, Clear Channel Peru and its partners have reached a fantastic cultural outcome,' he put into easy of burgundy braces. Yet regardless of this success story, The Tank's suggestion to setup an identical system in a nearby distillery to fully capture whisky gases was unusually declined. However, The Person can't stand in the way in which of improvement –or drinking in the afternoon – forever. 07 Might 2013 We now have all develop lame excuses not to complete things: 'I'm too tired to visit the gym'; 'I'm allowing the garden become a wildflower meadow'; or: 'Obviously I can't shave nowadays, the bigfoot talent show is simply months away.' This indifferent attitude also goes a way to explaining why the Tank is coveting – even though our very own PB reaches least twice that. But probably the excuse to postpone climate action is available in the. It would appear that, in america, belief in another Coming of Christ, and ergo the finish of the planet, is a great enough reason to not tackle, Donald Trump and runaway weather change. Research by David D Barker of the University of Pittsburgh and David H Bearce of the University of Colorado discovered belief in the 2nd Coming of Jesus paid off the likelihood of firmly supporting government action on climate change by 12 percent. More amazingly, reports that after the results of party organization, political ideology and media doubt were taken off the examination, this effect was increased by the belief in the Second Coming by nearly 20 percent. 'The fact that this kind of overwhelming proportion of Republican citizens profess a belief in the 2nd Coming (76 percent in 2006, based on our sample) suggests that governmental efforts to curb greenhouse emissions would encounter stiff opposition even when every Democrat in the nation desired to curb them,' Barker and Bearce wrote in their study. 'It stands to reason that most non-believers would support preserving our Planet for future generations, but that end-times believers would rationally understand such efforts to become ultimately futile, and thus ill-advised,' they include, playing fairly fast and loose with the term 'rationally.' The Tank isn't at all sure how to cope with those who really welcome a climate apocalypse, considering the fact that sadly we all need to share said catastrophe. We're able to mention, and took his title after animal-loving St Francis of Assisi. We're able to even explain the futility of spending hours on-hold to the broadband supplier as evidence there might be no higher being. However again, what with international economic unrest, a and UKIP rising in the forms, maybe these certainly would be the end days. 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