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New planning assistance rejects calls for buffer areas, but stresses that require for clean energy doesn't immediately override other environmental concerns Industry cautions reported as European producers make appropriate activity, fixed-price might be excessive to create large projects financial Herman Van Rompuy and Jos © Manuel Barroso say as Rabobank requires new renewables, natural development is likely to be emphasis at Saint Petersburg Summit funding buildings 'The situations put down to-day show that Government continues to be in mixed thoughts concerning the function of renewables' glowing reception is given by Industry to statement of new renewable heat technology scheme Labour is making progress with its natural economic approach, but there's still lots of work to be performed Report cautions of 120 million deficiency throughout dry years within the next decade and requires more sustainable agricultural abstraction With Ed Balls set to provide his first important speech about the economy, BusinessGreen requires top professionals what they'd prefer to see from Shadow Chancellor AB Sugar BP, and DuPont inaugurate bioethanol place set to create 420 million litres of gas from grain every year New statement by coalition of merchants and construction businesses seeks to exhibit government how new bonuses can generate a revolution in retro-fitting BusinessGreen goes down the biggest wind farms producing energy off the British coastline, Whilst the Prime Minister cuts the ribbon on London Array Low carbon leaders react to the European Parliament approving plans to keep 900 million carbon credits from market briefly MEP Matthias Groote predicts today re-worked carbon industry plans is likely to be authorized by MEPs in Strasbourg Leader keeps company will carry on to supply essential support to waste field, but admits some companies will be hit The federal government has unmasked long-awaited plans to aid low-carbon energy strategies, but may they provide the investment required? Catch-all the natural economy information from the active twenty four hours Low-carbon leaders react to the brand new natural structure approach and strike charges for renewable energy BusinessGreen Plus discusses a number of plans for strengthening the plan, Whilst the government nowadays prepares to unveil its first Green Deal figures With crucial divisions already extended, latest reductions increase clean worries for natural company groups 'The planet desperately needs environment management, and to-day Obama showed he may come out to be the man who offered it' We emphasize the crucial lines in the President's landmark handle on climate change at Georgetown University A run-down of the primary talking points in the Committee on Climate Change's report on the UK's emissions-cutting progress Electricity Market Reforms and Green Deal need beefing as much as ensure UK matches third and fourth carbon finances, While slow progress has been created strike prices could be announced by NNP Ministers for clean energy projects as soon as this week whilst the government attempts to accelerate infrastructure investment LATEST OPINION LATEST ANALYSIS UPCOMING EVENTS LATEST POLICY NEWS LATEST ENERGY NEWS LATEST INVESTMENT NEWS Registered as a member for unlimited use of our exclusive selection of in-depth articles and studies, complete store and concern function invitations.. Get free use of our exclusive selection of in-depth articles and studies, concern function announcements and complete store together with your four-week trial. Subscribe to newsletters: INSIGHT NEWSLETTER INSIGHT WORK OF THE WEEK The Green Recruitment Company is addressing among the UK`s top green power companies, focusing on off-shore wind projects. Can we manage with simple, low-cost means of carbon allocation and power price? How specific do we have to be? Accelerate durability benefits with responsibility and awareness over the value chain © Incisive Media Investments Limited 2013, Published by Incisive Financial Publishing Limited, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RX, are businesses registered in England and Wales with organization enrollment figures 04252091