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business electricity prices

Sally Craig claims that the new approach is required from government and companies to interact smaller firms using the sustainability agenda

Companies have to collaborate with towns, NGOs and people sector to create change happen, claims writer Penny Walker

Green Alliance's Julian Morgan claims that government statisticians are a deep failing to provide the in-depth information ministers and green buyers need

Brendan Might claims modern business leaders might produce a market free of Shell's ecological vandalism

Alastair Harper of the Green Alliance argues that following a period of silence about the inexperienced economy the UK's political leaders are gradually beginning to re-discover their speech

Labour's Alan Whitehead asks if the federal government is edging towards a far more practical way of ensuring adequate back-up power can be obtained

BT's Kevin Moss asks if the customer can ever be depended upon to operate a vehicle natural conduct change - perhaps the machines possess the answer

Regardless of the 'stubbornly costly' tag it's frequently given, off-shore wind provides a large potential to lessen its costs and subscribe to the UK's goals on energy security, development and climate change

Labour's Bryony Worthington claims the most recent Energy Bill discussion shows the contradictions at one's heart of the government's energy policy

Good Energy's Juliet Davenport claims rising group energy projects can provide a speech for the silent majority who assistance clean energy development

Rob Hopkins shows the way the Transition Town activity is helping uncover the UK's natural entrepreneurial nature

The Green Party's Natalie Bennett claims the government's new Water Bill however does not drive technology development

The reduced carbon move brings both winners and losers, argues Dimitri Zenghelis, but that's no reason to wait

ClientEarth claims tomorrow ™s election on bio-fuels emissions provides a opportunity to set European transport policy straight back on the right course

The Carbon Trust's Alex Hart claims the introduction of hydrogen systems may help support the rapid implementation of alternative energy

IPPR's Will Straw claims the government is missing a wonderful chance in failing to do enough to advertise offshore wind manufacturing

RenewableUK's Maria McCaffery expresses cautious optimism the draft hit rates introduced by the federal government allows the to carry on to grow

PwC's Malcolm Preston requires if western governments are seeking the best kind of development

Policy Exchange's Guy Newey claims today is just a very good time for you to be described as a natural buyer - but whether it'll last is still another question.

Grant Thornton's Nathan Goode asks if your more localized method of providing the Green Deal may provide some necessary energy within the plan

E3G's Jonathan Gaventa claims there's a comparatively simple answer for the UK's pending power crisis - connections to Europe

the microscope is taken by NNP Worsfold for the new flood insurance offer between business and government

John Alker of the UNITED KINGDOM Green Building Council says government should now search for means of nudging or forcing homeowners to retrofit

Mike Barry, mind of sustainable business at Marks